Spotlight On: Strategic Interests

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Strategic Interests (SI) is a consulting firm that helps healthcare providers, payers, RHIOs, and vendors collaborate to improve care and enhance financial performance through innovation and technology. As trusted experts, SI combines knowledge with vision and valuable relationships to help clients transform to adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

SI helps define, design, fund, and manage strategic initiatives that make a difference. Using proven frameworks to help, the SI team of experienced, results-oriented, thought-leaders deliver on the specific needs of each project, ensuring their clients’ objectives are met and their expectations are exceeded.

A Rochester-based firm formed in 2010, SI combines business, technical, and clinical experience with a strong sense of community activism to help providers address their challenges:

  • SI helped Unity Health System and Rochester Regional Health obtain and use grant funds to introduce long-lasting, positive change. They helped enhance access to clinical data, improved the way physicians work with each other, and introduced population health solutions to improve care for patients with chronic diseases.
  • SI helped the Finger Lakes Performing Provider System (FLPPS), a local non-profit supporting the NY State Medicaid redesign program called DSRIP. SI led an effort to define and attain funding for solutions to enhance care for underserved patients.
  • SI has several engagements with the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), a public-private non-profit that works with the NY State Department of Health to coordinate thought leadership and investments in IT, and helps practices transform care.
  • SI has expanded to deliver these services outside of New York, including several community health systems in Florida.

SI also supports innovative vendors serving the healthcare industry by defining products, Segment-Specific Market Attack Plans (S2MAP), positioning, and channel strategies to attain growth:

  • SI is working with a large, multi-national medical device manufacturer to introduce advanced techniques to improve the health of patients at risk for cardio-vascular disease.
  • SI is helping several innovative Israeli health tech companies to introduce breakthrough solutions into the US marketplace, and encouraging them to establish US operations in Rochester.

While companies have several options when seeking out professional advisors, Strategic Interests is a leading choice for helping stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

SI has grown to 20 consultants, each with deep expertise in specific areas of healthcare, an opportunity to balance professional, financial, and personal objectives and constraints. For example, they give consultants flexibility to work full or part time, as part of a blended team or stand-alone consultant, and the opportunity to work on a variety of projects.  The firm is also proud of the high level of fulfillment and satisfaction felt among the consultants that comprise SI, and the strong bonds it establishes within SI teams and their clients.

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