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Twitter Chat with Stephen Woessner

In preparation for DR’s “Proven Steps to Fill Your Sales Pipeline” on November 9, we turned to Twitter to ask their sales and marketing questions. Best-selling author, business owner and digital media authority, Stephen Woessner, provided tips and tricks on how to generate leads and grow revenue.

Read the transcript of our #DRSalesChat below:

Digital Rochester Welcome to our . DR Corporate Members will be helping us out with some & questions.

We’ll start with the first question. Share your answers or ask your own!

Q1 What is 1 thing that marketing/bus dev leaders can start doing right now to generate more leads? Reply w/ A1

Stephen Woessner A1: build clarity around how they can be helpful to prospects and create a sales pipeline that delivers value — everyday.

Eric Miltsch A1: Create relevant content on landing pages that matches user intent, solves their problem & creates trust.

Nicole Mahoney Q2 How can you categorize / narrow down who you should be targeting? Reply w/ A2

Stephen Woessner A2: two things…build a client avatar that is very precise and focused. Then use to find prospects that match. .

Brian Carroll Hi Here’s one for you! Once you narrow down who to target, how can you find more people that fit the criteria?

Stephen Woessner A3: I’m a big fan of and for building and scaling accurate lists. Then using as our CRM. .

Ana Liss   How much time should be spent developing content for your platforms? (Vs prospect outreach?)

Stephen Woessner (1/2) A4: Do both at the same time. Invite your dream prospects onto your podcast, develop a relationship….

Stephen Woessner (2/2) A4: …while creating great content for your audience. I call it the Trojan Horse of Sales. And it works. .

David Mammano Hi How can using LinkedIn Navigator and LeadIQ help me with targeting ?

Stephen Woessner Use the “Lead Builder” tool within Sales Nav…build the list…then activate to pull the emails

Lisa DeVinney, Roberts Wesleyan College Q5 What’s one way we can drive more leads to our website?

Stephen Woessner (1/2) A5: If you’re focused on non-trad students, LNKD would be key. And long-form audio like a podcast to make RWC tangible

Stephen Woessner (2/2) A5: If you’re focused on traditional students…it’s FB, YouTube, Insta, and a podcast to let them inside RWC

Break the Ice Media Q6 How can you use LinkedIn to find and connect with qualified prospects? Reply w/ A6

Stephen Woessner A6: many would say not to do this – but I added +17k connections by simply asking. Sending invites. It works. .

Ana Liss  what are some creative ways to establish yourself as a subject matter expert?

Stephen Woessner Long form audio is crushing it right now. Launch a podcast and give your best stuff for free. Lesson learned from

Digital Rochester Final question. Q7 What can guests expect at our 11/9 event “Proven Steps to Fill Your Sales Pipeline”?

Stephen Woessner (1/2) A7: First off…guests will without a doubt…learn Proven Steps for Filling Your Sales Pipeline – no hyperbole…

Stephen Woessner (2/2) A7: More specifically, I will teach a step-by-step biz dev system guests can apply right away into their business.

Digital Rochester Sounds great! , business owners & leaders should register now!

Thank you for participating in & a special thank you to . We’ll see you all on 11/9!

If you’re looking for proven methods to generate more leads for your company and ultimately grow your revenue, register now for the morning workshop and VIP luncheon!

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Innovative Solutions CEO, Justin Copie, will be discussing the importance of company culture on the Onward Nation podcast with host, Stephen Woessner. This podcast discusses what makes a business successful and how a company culture with a common set of values and beliefs is crucial. Justin Copie values company culture and ensures his employees are happy in the work that they do at Innovative Solutions. Click the link below to listen in on this insightful podcast.

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Spotlight On: Rochester RHIO


Have you signed a Rochester RHIO consent form at the doctor’s office? Chances are, you don’t know the Rochester RHIO by name, but it’s likely that RHIO’s services are helping you receive better health care.

Rochester RHIO (Regional Health Information Organization) is a secure, electronic health information exchange (HIE) serving authorized medical providers and over 1.4 million patients in Monroe, Allegany, Chemung, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne, Wyoming and Yates counties in upstate New York.

Rochester RHIO provides all of the health care professionals who treat you with immediate access to critical information that can help your doctor provide quality healthcare – particularly in an emergency. This allows a medical care team to share records across institutions and practices, making patient information available wherever and whenever needed to provide the highest quality care.

Rochester RHIO Patient Benefits

    • Faster treatment
      Immediate access to medical history, test results, and diagnostic images.
    • Fewer repeated tests
      Access to prior test results, even those performed at other locations.
    • Better care coordination
      Instant review of diagnostic information, specialist and hospital reports.
    • Reduced risk of mistakes
      Eliminates poor handwriting, hard-to-read faxes, and other challenges of paper based information.
    • Alert your doctor
      Your primary care physician or home health provider can receive instant notification when you are admitted or discharged from any of our regional hospitals or emergency departments.
    • Greater convenience
      No need to hand-carry lab reports, prescriptions, radiology CDs, and other medical information.

For more information, visit