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Spotlight On: iWorld Professionals

Guylaine DiSalvo and Joe Kreuz

DR’s Corporate Member, iWorld Professionals, works with companies of all sizes to provide them with an HR recruiting engine to support their specific hiring needs. Guylaine DiSalvo, iWorld’s Managing Partner, explains that iWorld provides companies with an expansive network of candidates to fill niche jobs. They pride themselves on being advocates for their clients and they handle job placements that range from entry-level positions to executive roles.

Guylaine DiSalvo and Joe Kreuz are the managing partners at iWorld, and they have a lot of professional experience in the human resource industry. iWorld is so successful because they listen to the needs of their clients and adapt accordingly to the ever-changing market. Personalization is a key factor that iWorld prides themselves on, and this is the value they provide as an intermediary. iWorld vets all candidates to make sure that they are a good fit for their clients, and the vetting process is both valuable for the clients and the candidates. The clients are satisfied because they know that the candidates are highly qualified for the respective position, and the candidates are happy because they are pursuing jobs that are a good match. Read more about iWorld Professionals in this magazine article.





Spotlight On: webSURGE – Win More Business by Teaming Up Sales & Marketing

Joe Crestuk (webSURGE) and Sarah Compter (SYNACT)

When sales and marketing teams work together, the pipeline fills up, leads turn into appointments, and revenue increases.  Sarah Compter (SYNACT) and Joe Crestuk (webSURGE) team up to illustrate how the most successful organizations in Rochester unify marketing and sales initiatives to win more business and gain an edge on their competition. Presentation and workshop on April 17th.

In this workshop, Sarah and Joe will coach you on the strategies, tactics, and tools that are essential for success in 2018 and beyond. The key: keeping communication open among marketing and sales teams, and using data to make educated decisions on your buyers, sales cycle, marketing initiatives, and more. You will have an opportunity to practice 3 key marketing and sales processes, and walk away with a strategic workbook that you can bring back and implement in your company.

Learn More About The Workshop



Spotlight On: Entre Computer Services Inc.

Digital Rochester corporate member, Entre Computer Services Inc. has announced an agreement with Biznetix. Entre Computer Services Inc., Rochester’s largest provider of IT Services, and John Crowley, owner of Biznetix, a successful hosting and web design company, have agreed to a partnership that will allow Biznetix customers to take advantage of Entre services. John Crowley is also named VP of Application Development for Entre Computer Services Inc.

Andre Godfrey, president of Entre, explained, “Entre recognizes and respects the importance Biznetix has placed on each of their customers and we are dedicated to maintaining and increasing the quality of innovation, support, and service that those customers have come to expect. Together we see opportunities through an expanded set of solutions, programs and services.”

Learn more about the agreement here.