Spotlight On: PSquared Digital, LLC

Who is PSquared Digital?

PSquared Digital is a digital marketing agency focused on helping companies drive real business results with their digital efforts. We make digital marketing work for your business. PSquared Digital, LLC works in a variety of industries with large, midsize and small clients – with services aligned to your specific needs. We work both directly with clients and through ad agencies providing a full range digital strategy, implementation and analytics  services.

What’s new?

Peter Platt has been selected to chair the 13th Annual ASPY Awards committee in 2016, the annual digital publisher awards at the iMedia Summit in Austin, TX May 2016. The iMedia ASPY Awards recognize the industry’s best marketing technology and media companies and publishers. Nominations are open to the full marketing community, but voting comes 100% from agency marketers. The awards were started by the Aspen Group, a community of senior agency marketers that formed at the iMedia Agency Summit.

Anything else?

A key differentiator of PSquared is that your business goals come first. In this industry a lot of decisions get made based on cool new technology and meaningless metrics. Unless you’re Google, your business probably doesn’t make money on clicks. You sell products and services and that’s what your digital efforts should focus on.  We build dashboards that let you easily monitor the results of your digital efforts and optimize for the best impact.

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