Spotlight On: iVEDiX

Who is iVEDiX?

Since its inception, iVEDiX has emerged as a proven solution provider for healthcare and other verticals, differentiated by its highly configurable visual analytics platform called miVEDiX. It’s a solution to a problem that’s becoming more and more relevant as time passes – how to extract, integrate, analyze and provide healthcare data in a manner such that it can be effectively consumed & through a medium where access is not held hostage by location. Healthcare is froth with data from patient virtual health records to clinical data to data from wearable devices and many other sources. Being able to effectively analyze this data collectively via a platform such as miVEDiX can dramatically improve Operating Margins, Care Coordination and Readmissions amongst other areas.

What’s new?

This month iVEDiX was accepted into the New York Digital Health Accelerator (NYDHA) program – a competitive growth program run by the New York eHealth Collaborative and the Partnership Fund for New York City. In an effort to expand the programs’ reach, NYDHA considered over 100 applications from growth-stage digital health companies around New York. Each company was evaluated by their innovation and ability to accommodate the care coordination, patient engagement, and workflow improvement needs of today’s Healthcare market using innovative products and solutions. This year, the accelerator program specifically focused on mhealth solutions including: dietary planning tools, mobile patient care apps, data visualization platforms, and administrative reporting solutions. The finalists are provided with mentorship, investment, and access to top class healthcare resources to improve their products and hone their messaging. The NYDHA selected companies have also been known to accelerate their Venture Funding activities due to the exposure from the program and, in some cases, getting acquired in short order upon completion of the program.

As a result of their selection, iVEDiX hopes that this program will allow them to expand their business and further the reach of their Healthcare solutions, which are currently being used by: the University of Rochester, Hospital Corporation of America, Fresenius Medical Center, and others.

What’s your best-kept secret?

miVEDiX will revolutionize the next generation of mobile analytics & data interactivity. With a semantic layer that allows for near plug-and-play interaction between traditional structured data sources & unstructured content (blogs, Facebook, Twitter feeds, media streaming sites, etc.). miVEDiX is the only product with an explicit “mobile first” strategy of carving out the shortest distance between data & device thereby minimizing components required to enable an integrated end-user focused solution. This functionality, combined with multi-dimensional hyper-visualizations allows miVEDiX to offer an unparalleled user experience.

Anything else?

iVEDiX is also proud to announce the delivery of the miVEDiX platform to the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). The solution was selected as part of their Situation Room initiative, which will leverage technology to contribute to their goal of ending the HIV epidemic by 2030. By allowing their member states to collaborate, have access to national, county and facility level data, enable better targeted programs and service level support,miVEDiX will allow facilities to make better informed decisions, which the UN and iVEDiX anticipates to have a far-reaching impact on individual and global health.

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