Spotlight On: AT&T

AT&T is making a multibillion-dollar nationwide investment in the mobile communications network. As a growing number of people purchase smartphones and landlines are becoming a thing of the past, AT&T has chosen to invest in technological innovation for an increasingly mobile economy.

What do we need to know about mobile technology in New York?

It has grown significantly in the past two years and will continue to do so. AT&T recently sponsored a Siena Research Poll and found some strong numbers to back up a need for more innovation in the mobile realm. For instance:

• 2/3 of New York households have both a landline and at least one cell phone
• 21% of all New York households have no landline at all
• 63% of all New Yorkers use smartphones. 83% of those users are under 35 years old.
• ¾ of cell phone users engage in texting on their mobile device.
• 84% of New Yorkers have paid television at home. 16% have internet television service.
• 90% of smartphone users are satisfied with their provider company.

Smartphones usage includes:

• 84% Travel Directions
• 42% Tracking News
• 41% Facebook
• 40% Music and Streaming Services
• 27% Skype or FaceTime
• 22% Movie Streaming

81% of cell phone users say it’s important that their provider be innovative and a leader in technology.

Are you noticing any trends?

Texting has become virtually ubiquitous among younger New Yorkers, and even a significant and growing percentage of older New Yorkers are using their cell phones to text. Cell phone emailing is not far behind. Nearly half of New Yorkers, including more than three-quarters of smartphone users, say they send and receive emails on their cell phones.

What is different about mobile technology now versus 10 years ago?

The world of communications – both for business and everyday personal use – has changed dramatically in the last decade. And it appears as if those changes are going to continue and even intensify over the coming years. Just as TV usage grew exponentially throughout the 1950’s, the use of smartphones today for all kinds of communications and information gathering is growing by leaps and bounds today.

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