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Q: Who can nominate someone for a GREAT Award? 
A: Anyone can nominate an exceptional candidate for consideration.

Q: Who is eligible to be nominated for a GREAT Award?
A: The GREAT Awards are meant to acknowledge and celebrate the companies and individuals that make Greater Rochester a great place to live and work.  Nominations for previous GREAT Awards finalists will not be considered if they are nominated for the exact same product or service.  However, if the product or service has changed since the previous nomination, it will eligible. Finalists in the Visionary Leadership and Rising Star categories will not be eligible for nomination in consecutive years.

Q: What if I am a supporting member, Board Member, DR Corporate Member?
A: All are eligible to nominate and/or be nominated.

Q: Can I nominate myself?
A: Nominations for individual awards should be completed by a third party. Nominations for an organizational award can be completed by an employee of that company.

Q: When are nominations due?
A: July 30, 2015

Q: Can I nominate a company for more than one award?,
A: Yes.