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Digital Rochester Corporate Membership
For people and companies associated with established and emerging technology in the Greater Rochester Region, DR provides relationship development and educational opportunities to promote collaboration and drive personal and business growth.  Since 2000, DR has expanded from networking events at Tonic to an array of networking, educational, entrepreneurial and economic development activities. The common thread in all DR initiatives has been to stimulate the Greater Rochester technology community and industry.

Now, as Digital Rochester has grown to over 5,000 area professionals, DR recognizes both the increased opportunities for Rochester’s tech community to be a vibrant, high-growth industry, and the realities of the current economy and its toll on our companies and professionals. These “dual realities” demonstrate the very real need for a strong industry support organization to empower the growth of Rochester’s local companies, provide professional development resources for professionals, and to build connections across the technology business community. This is the mission of Digital Rochester. But Digital Rochester needs your help to make it happen.

Now it’s time to ask companies and institutions to join DR’s mission. Digital Rochester Corporate Membership allows organizations to become true partners with Digital Rochester, contributing to its vision and direction as a partner. In addition, Corporate Member partners will gain significant marketing exposure and provide the benefits of Digital Rochester programs to its employees, all while demonstrating their generous support of the organization and technology community.

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So here’s your chance – if you believe in the vision and mission of Digital Rochester – then join.  Whether you’re an individual professional, a traditional “technology company”, an enterprise with a significant investment in technology and tech professionals, or an institution training the community’s next generations of professionals, our community needs you to become a Corporate Member with Digital Rochester.

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