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Spotlight On: PSquared Digital, LLC

Who is PSquared Digital? PSquared Digital is a digital marketing agency focused on helping companies drive real business results with their digital efforts. We make digital marketing work for your business. PSquared Digital, LLC works in a variety of industries with large, midsize and small clients – with services aligned to your specific needs. [...]

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Spotlight On: iVEDiX

Who is iVEDiX? Since its inception, iVEDiX has emerged as a proven solution provider for healthcare and other verticals, differentiated by its highly configurable visual analytics platform called miVEDiX. It’s a solution to a problem that’s becoming more and more relevant as time passes – how to extract, integrate, analyze and provide healthcare data in a manner such [...]

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Spotlight On: Centrilogic

Who is CentriLogic? CentriLogic is a global provider of managed hosting, cloud computing, co-location and advanced IT outsourcing solutions. With a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, CentriLogic works with customers to develop adaptable and dependable IT solutions that support their unique application and workload requirements. The company’s dedication to a customer-centric philosophy has [...]

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Spotlight On: Pharos Systems

Did you know that printing is one of the highest aggregated costs for many large companies? Helping companies discover the true cost of printing, Pharos enables them to eliminate waste, reduce costs, improve efficiency and create a more sustainable enterprise. Who is Pharos? Pharos delivers mindful print solutions to universities, government agencies, and corporate enterprises [...]

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Spotlight On: AT&T

AT&T is making a multibillion-dollar nationwide investment in the mobile communications network. As a growing number of people purchase smartphones and landlines are becoming a thing of the past, AT&T has chosen to invest in technological innovation for an increasingly mobile economy. What do we need to know about mobile technology in New York? [...]

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Spotlight On: Entre Computer Services

Who is Entre Computer Services? For more than 30 years, businesses have relied on Entre Computer Services for wide-ranging technology services. From IT managed services and Web & application development to network services and supplemental IT staffing – no other provider combines all these services to match your technology needs to your business goals. Entre Computer [...]

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Spotlight On: AT&T Aspire Accelerator

Are you advancing education technology? Apply to join the inaugural AT&T Aspire Accelerator class. AT&T recently launched the AT&T Aspire Accelerator for ed-tech ventures throughout the nation, as part of their $350 million commitment to education. This search for game-changing solutions to real-world education problems begins with a call for applications. The Aspire Accelerator [...]

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Spotlight On: Heslin, Rothenberg, Farley & Mesiti, PC

Who is Heslin, Rothenberg, Farley & Mesiti, PC? For more than 40 years, businesses have relied on Heslin, Rothenberg, Farley & Mesiti, PC to protect their innovations and intangible assets. With a staff of 32 attorneys and patent agents, our firm is the largest law firm in Upstate New York dedicated to intellectual property and [...]

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Spotlight On: C47 Film Associates

Who is C47 Film Associates? C47 exists to leave a lasting impression. We create soul altering motion picture content in the form of Broadcast TV and Web Advertising, Music Videos, Short & Feature Length Narrative & Documentary film & video. What’s new? This January we opened a new studio space in the Carlson Cowork facility. [...]

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Spotlight On: OffsiteDataSync

Who is OffsiteDataSync? OffsiteDataSync provides a wide range of customizable and scalable hosted cloud solutions for companies and organizations needing to cost-effectively manage and improve their network systems. These include enterprise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms that deliver flexible and powerful options to meet IT objectives as well as a full spectrum of backup [...]

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