Technology Woman of the Year Nomination Form

  • About the Award

    This award is designed to recognize, celebrate, and make visible the achievements of women in high technology fields. Through this award, women who work in these professions are encouraged to stay in the Greater Rochester area, mentor young women, and contribute to the economic growth of the region.
  • About the Nominee

  • The Nominee's Manager

  • Tell Us About Your Nominee's Contributions

  • Sustained contributions to the technology profession (40%) – Demonstrated impact to the profession, as illustrated by length of time in the profession, highest level achieved, success promoting or implementing technology, details of projects / contributions, professional organization memberships / year joined / service or positions held, technical publications and presentations (including where delivered), degrees / concentrations, and special assignments.
  • Contributions advancing the status, opportunities, and employment for women in the technology professions (50%) – Demonstrated contributions to women, as illustrated by mentoring activities, hiring practices, developmental publications, and presentations, etc.
  • Contributions to the community (10%) – Support for and involvement in the community, as illustrated by volunteer activities, developing new programs, providing leadership services to community organizations, or influencing the goals of those organizations.
  • About the Nominator (YOU)